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This web site is a comprehensive study of United States small size dollar coins that has been literally years in the making. It is a cumulation of information and collectables gathered over the past three plus decades. Besides the coins themselves, there are numerous items that help tell this fascinating story, many of them very collectable. Some of these items include autographs of the many people involved (including Susan B. Anthony), patterns and prototypes, documents, biographies of those involved, plus much, much, more. Edwin Johnston, Past-President of Greater Houston Coin Club, summarized this site fittingly when he said "The website is a great place to recommend for a newbie collector who asks: 'What should I collect?'. It's very comprehensive in a very focused area that is at the same time, wide-ranging." (2/20/11)

An unsolicited comment from Tom Rogers, Reverse designer of the Sacagawea Dollar

"......your website really rocks!  You don't just have a website about small dollars....In my estimation
you have THE website. Lots of information, well covered.  Congratulations.......Tom

November 28, 2007


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January 2, 2009: The 2009 Sacagawea Dollar
with the new Native American theme reverse, modified
obverse, & lettered edge is released to the public.
July 23, 1999: Twelve 22-karat gold Sacagawea
Dollars soar into space aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia.
January 9, 1979: The Denver Mint's production of the
Susan B. Anthony Dollar begins.

July 29, 1998: The Sacagawea Dollar design concept
is approved by Secretary of Treasury Robert E. Rubin.

February 2005: Although not revealed to the
public until June, the
"Reverse of 1999" variety is
discovered in "Cheerios Dollar" packaging.
August 5, 1999: Glenna Goodacre's obverse
design of the Sacagawea Dollar is copyrighted by
the U. S. Mint.
February 2, 1979: The San Francisco Mint's
production of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar begins.
August 8: National Dollar Day. On August 8, 1786, Congress
established the U. S. monetary system.
February 11, 1805: Sacagawea's son Jean
Baptiste is born.
August 10, 2007: The United States Mint displays
for the first time the twelve 22-karat gold Sacagawea
Dollars that flew aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia
in July 1999 at the ANA's World's Fair of Money® in
Milwaukee, WI.
February 15, 1820: Susan B. Anthony is born
in Adams, Massachusetts. Died March 13, 1906 at her
home in Rochester, NY at the age 86.
August 18, 1920: The 19th Amendment to the
U.S. Constitution, also known as the Susan B. Anthony
amendment, is ratified, thus giving women the right to vote.
February 15, 2007: George Washington Presidential
Dollars are officially released in Mount Vernon, VA.
August 26, 1909: Frank Gasparro, designer of
the Anthony Dollar, is born in Philadelphia. Died
September 29, 2001.
February 23, 1965: Frank Gasparro begins his
tenure as Chief engraver of the U. S. Mint.
August 28, 1939: Glenna Goodacre, designer of
the Sacagawea Dollar obverse, is born in Lubbock,
Texas. Died April 13, 2020.
February 25, 2000: The Denver Mint's production
of the Sacagawea Dollar begins.
August 30, 2001: The twelve 22-karat gold
Sacagawea Dollars that went into space aboard the
Space Shuttle Columbia are moved from the Mint's
vault to the Fort Knox Gold Bullion Depository in
March 9, 2007: The Cheerios Dollar/Pattern Reverse
"Discovery Specimen" sells on eBay for $9,000.00.
September 26, 1978: Frank Gasparro's Anthony Dollar
design is approved by the Commission of Fine Arts.
March 13, 1906: Susan B. Anthony "The United States Dollar Coin Act of 1997" is introduced
into Congress by Rep. Mike Castle, R-Delaware.
March 20, 1767: Toussaint Charbonneau is born. He best
known as the husband of Sacagawea. Died August 12, 1843.
October 10, 1978: "The Susan B. Anthony Dollar
Coin Act" is signed into law by President Jimmy Carter.
April 5, 2000: Glenna Goodacre is presented with 5,000 specially
produced Sacagawea Dollars as commission for her winning design.
October 21, 1997: The Gallery Mint's Statue of
Liberty"One Concept" prototype dollars dated 2000 are
distributed at the Senate hearings on small dollars
June 8-9, 1998: The Gallery Mint's "Statue of
Liberty - Modern Portrait"
prototypes are handed out
to the Dollar Coin Design Advisory Committee during
their meetings in Philadelphia.
November 18, 1999: Production of the Sacagawea
Dollar begins at the Philadelphia Mint with
"First Strike
June 20, 2005: NGC certifies the "Discovery Specimen"
of the 2000 Cheerios Sacagawea Dollar Pattern.
December 13, 1978: Susan B. Anthony Dollar production
begins at the Philadelphia Mint.
July 2, 1979: The U.S. Mint officially releases the
Anthony Dollar in Rochester, NY, the home of Susan
B. Anthony.
December 20, 1812: Some evidence indicates that
Sacagawea died on this date of "putrid fever".

The Move From Large Size Dollars To Small Sized Dollars - From Concept To Reality

- A Brief History Of The United States Small Dollar -

The Dollar Coin has been the main staple of the United States' monetary system since it was authorized by Congress on April 2, 1792 and first struck in 1794. Even though it was large in size (38.1 to 40 mm), it was a popular denomination and circulated well due to its buying power. The "silver dollar" was discontinued in 1935. By the mid to late 1960's, the price of silver rose to the point that "silver dollars" no longer circulated. In 1971, due to the needs of gambling casinos for a dollar coin, and the public's desire to honor the first landing on the moon, the dollar coin was again struck, i.e. the Eisenhower Dollar. The coins failed to circulate widely, primarily due to their large size and the acceptance and convenience of the paper dollar.


In the mid 1970's, attention turned to a smaller size dollar coin, culminating in the Susan B. Anthony Dollar in 1979. Miss Anthony was chosen to honor her life long fight for women's suffrage. From day one the Anthony Dollar was rejected and ridiculed. The portrait was considered ugly and the coins were not easily distinguished from the quarter dollar. Besides being the same color, there was less than nine-hundredths of an inch difference in the diameters of the Anthony Dollar and the quarter dollar. They were given nicknames such as "Agony Dollars", "Carter Quarters", "Susan B. Edsel", and "JC Pennies" (Jimmy Carter was in the White House at the time). They were discontinued at that time after only being struck for circulation for two years, 1979 and 1980. The 1981 Anthony Dollars were struck for mint sets only. Curiously, this was not the first time this criticism was accorded a United States coin. In 1875 a Twenty-Cent piece was struck. Besides having virtually the same design as the quarter dollar, it was a mere eight-hundredths of an inch smaller. The Twenty-Cent piece ceased being struck for circulation in 1876 after only two years production. Here's "Proof" that the Mint also had trouble distinguishing an Anthony Dollar from a Quarter.

In the early 1990's, discussion of striking a new small size dollar coin was begun. This time government officials were armed with the knowledge of the mistakes of the Anthony Dollar. Discussions centered on striking a new small size dollar coin that would be golden in color and have a distinctive edge so that it could be easily distinguished from the quarter dollar. The striking of a new small size dollar at that time was not to be. Besides the queasiness of the mint to venture into another failed dollar coin, there was one other major problem. That is, more than a decade after the Anthony Dollar was discontinued, there were still millions of them in Federal Reserve vaults.

By the late 1990's the supply of Anthony Dollars was finally dwindling down. After congressional and public hearings, it was decided that a new small size dollar coin with a plain edge and golden in color would be struck in 2000. The obverse would have the likeness of Sacagawea, the Shoshone Indian girl that helped guide Lewis and Clark through the northwest on their exploratory expedition of the Louisiana Purchase. In the mean time, the Anthony Dollar supply was decreasing so quickly that the mint struck 1999 dated Anthony Dollars to fill the need for a dollar coin until the Sacagawea Dollar could be struck and placed into circulation. The Sacagawea Dollar made its debut early in 2000 to the praise and acceptance of both collectors and the general public. However, after the honeymoon period was over, it began to fall out of favor. Just like its predecessor, the Anthony Dollar, it too was struck for circulation for only two years. It remains to be struck for sale to collectors in mint sets, rolls, and bags.

In 2007, the United States began honoring our Nation’s Presidents by issuing $1 circulating coins featuring their images in the order that they served. The United States Mint will issue four Presidential $1 coins per year, and each will have a reverse design featuring the Statue of Liberty. The composition of the new Presidential $1 Coins will be identical to that of the Sacagawea Dollar. Living Presidents are excluded from the series, however they may be added only if they have been deceased for two years prior to their coins release. The "Presidential Dollar Coin Act of 2005" had stipulated that the mint would continue issuing the Sacagawea Dollar in quantities no less than one-third of the years total dollar mintage. This stipulation was set to begin with the 2007 Sacagawea Dollar, however, the "Native American Dollar Coin Act of 2007" eliminated this requirement.

The "Native American Dollar Coin Act of 2007" was signed into law on September 20, 2007 by President George Bush. It superseded the Presidential Dollar Coin Act of 2005's requirement that one Sacagawea Dollar be struck for every three Presidential Dollars struck. Instead, it required that beginning in 2009, one Native American Dollar be struck for every five Presidential Dollars struck. It also states that "the design on the reverse shall bear images celebrating the important contributions made by Indian tribes and individual Native Americans to the development of the United States and the history of the United States". The reverse of the Native American $1 Coin will feature a new design each year. In addition, the date, mint mark, E PLURIBUS UNUM, and IN GOD WE TRUST were moved to the edge.

The year 2009 also saw some changes made to the Presidential Dollar design. IN GOD WE TRUST was moved from the edge of the coin to the obverse, and the edge had 13 stars, representing the thirteen original colonies, added to it.


The Sacagawea "Cheerios Dollars" (1/28/22)
The 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar "Speared Eagle" Coming Soon


Susan B. Anthony Dollar
1979-1981, 1999


  Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin Act of 1978

A SBA Dollar Replacement??

December 13, 1978 Press Release
First Production Strike oF Susan B. Anthony Dollar
Coin Announced By Mint Director Stella B. Hackel

A 1982 SBA Dollar Canvas Mint Bag?

Proposed Susan B. Anthony $2 Bill
Before SBA was proposed for the $1 Coin, it was
suggested that she replace Jefferson on the $2 Bill

Anthony Dollar Die Varieties

Gould, Inc. Patterns

Dykum Blue Anthony Dollars

Magnimat - A Proposed Planchet

Brief Biography of Susan B. Anthony

Gasparro's Liberty Head Design

Brief Biography of Frank Gasparro

NOW First Day Covers

Anthony Dollar Autographed Collectibles

Vending Machine Test Pieces

Other Anthony Dollar Collectibles

The SBA Dollar Model

Collecting Full Talon Susan B. Anthony Dollars

SBA Dollar Blanks, Planchets & Waffled Coins


Anthony Dollar Counterfeits Do Exist

First Day of Issue SBA Dollars

Everything else you wanted to know about the
Anthony Dollar, but didn't know where to look

Promoting The Anthony Dollar    



Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin Act of 1978: Hearing Before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Read the official government transcript online or download a PDF file of the entire transcript.
Lots of good information and photos
SBA Dollar Struck on Experimental Planchet
The Ike Group
Great web site on Susan B. Anthony's "Big Brother" - the Eisenhower Dollar

Sacagawea Dollar
2000 - 2008


The Sherritt Mint's Columbus Prototype

2000-P Sacagawea Dollar/Quarter Dollar Mules

Olin Brass Minuteman Patterns

Sacagawea Dollar VIP Strikes

Schuler Pressen Prototype

Denver Mint Employee Appreciation
Sacagawea Dollar

Corelay® - A Proposed Planchet

Sacagawea Dollar 1st Day of Issue Cover

The Gallery Mint's Concept Dollars

Goodacre "Presentation" Sacagawea Dollars

Daniel Carr's Proposed Dollar
Designs and Prototypes

The Experimental Rinse Sacagawea Dollars

"Dollar Coin Act of 1997" - Signed

2000-D Sacagawea Dollar from the
Millennium Coin & Currency Sets

"A Distinctive Edge"

Terra Cotta & Bronze Casts of Goodacre's
Original Sacagawea Dollar Design

Other Suggested Golden Dollar Designs

Promoting The Sacagawea Dollar

Martha Washington Trial Pieces

Brief Biography of Sacagawea

New Golden Dollar Coin Design Unveiled
in White House Ceremony - May 4, 1999

Biographies of the Designers and Model
of the Sacagawea Dollar


2000-W Gold Proof Sacagawea Dollar

Other Sacagawea Dollar Collectibles
and Related Items

The Sacagawea "Cheerios Dollars"
"Pattern Reverse" (Reverse of 1999) & "Non-Pattern Reverse" (Reverse of 2000)
  Sacagawea Dollar Counterfeits Do Exist

Sacagawea Dollar Blanks, Planchets, Planchet Strips,
& Waffled Coins

Everything else you wanted to know about the
Sacagawea Dollar, but didn't know where to look



2000-P "Mule" Sacagawea Dollar
Reverse w/ States Quarter Obverse
Thomas D. Rogers Sr.
Martha Washington Trial Pieces
2000-W Gold Sacagawea Dollar
Randy'L Teton - Ms. Teton seems to no longer have a web site.
However, if you'll do an internet search, you'll find many informational
sites on Ms. Teton.



Native American Dollar
2009 - Present



  Promoting The Native American Dollar


Everything else you wanted to know about the
Native American Dollar, but didn't know where to look

Other Native American Dollar Collectibles
and Related Items



Presidential Dollar
2007 - Present


Presidential $1 Coin Act Of 2005
Public Law 109-145 Dec. 22, 2005

Philadelphia Mint Employee "Team Award"

Presidential Dollar Coin Release Schedule

Presidential Dollar Die Varieties

About The Presidential Dollar Edge Lettering

Other Presidential Dollar Collectibles

Presidential Dollar Blanks, Planchets, Planchet Strips
& Waffled Coins

Promoting The Presidential Dollar

Presidential Dollar Launch Ceremonies

A Brief Word About First Spouse Gold Coins
and Bronze Medals

Presidential Dollar First Day of Issue

Everything you want to know about the Presidential
Dollars, but don't know where to look

United States Mint Official American Presidency
One Dollar Coin Cover Series




Proposed Small Dollars
Beyond 2016


"American Innovation Coin Act" House Bill H.R. 6025
Proposed Small Dollar For 2017

As new themes and designs are proposed, they will be cronicled here

Daniel Carr's Proposed Small Dollar For 2019


Congressional Small Size Dollar Legislation

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